The fact is Net Neutrality is something that will drastically effect every one of us and if we don’t educate ourselves and voice our opinions on the topic, we could see drastic changes in the way we are able to use the internet today. So what is it? These videos, starting with this one by The Verge give fantastic explanations of exactly what it is, what the FCC trying to accomplish and why people are either pro or against Net Neutrality.

On his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver addressed the topic calling upon the internet  to voice their opinions to the FCC. Shortly after airing the FCCs website crashed from the amount of traffic rushing to their site.


More recently the Huffington Post published a discussion, which took an impartial look at both sides of Net Neutrality. The article and short video can be found on their website. Just follow the link below:


photo by
Stephen Melkisethian